The Company

Our Company is owned and operated as a Canadian company for several years. Superior Pest Control Pros Inc.(SPCP) is a fully licensed, bonded and insured company with fully licensed professional  pest management consultants providing cost effective, professional and courteous pest control services. We use the best state-of-the-art-technology and eco-superior strategies to provide pest control services to ensure a sustainable environmental protection in the pest control industry. Superior Pest Control Pros Inc. also provides free educational pest control materials to our clients and our services are mainly provided in Canada.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Canadians with the best, excellent state-of-the-art professional pests control services at an affordable cost to Canadian. Our goal is to ensure that everyone including low income customers can afford a pest control service. Our commitment is to deliver quality services that put a smile on our customers to ensure they will always chose us and recommend us to new clients. We ensure our clients derive the best from their home investment or rented unit and live a pest-free life while business owner also operate in a pest- free facility.


Our company is known as a leader in super-green and eco-superior initiatives and integrated pest management (IPM) approach in pest control. We also use bio-organic and heat treatment methods in pest control. We are always looking for new ways to execute our responsibilities to manage pest and reduce cost for our dear customers.

Growth initiatives

Our way forward is to research into viable options of pest control that reduce less use of pesticides at an affordable cost to all Canadians.


SPCP has the right policies, innovations, guarantee and commitment geared towards providing top level quality and excellent services at an affordable service price that puts a smile on our Canadian customers.  Our pride is maintaining this policy while at the same time ensuring a sustainable environment and keeping our leadership role in the pest control industry. We ensure that the privacy of our customers are guaranteed in order to enhance the confidence of our customers and to ensure the integrity of our company as well.

Our company has been serving the pest control industry for many years, and we have become leaders in the field because of our high standards and our reputation for excellence.  We are proud of staying abreast of trends within the industry, new products, and new techniques.  We pass our expertise on to you.  We offer training seminars in the use and operation of our equipment and chemicals.

Our pest control supplies and equipment are targeted to the total elimination of pests.  Our products are extremely effective and safe when used properly.

We are available for telephone consultation during business hours, but our online presence allows us to be here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Call us to get a free estimate – Tel: 416-822-2274
Excellent guaranteed service with competitive pricing.





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