Home and Cottage Services

We provide top quality service to home owners, tenants and their families. We also guarantee a home without pest so you can enjoy living in a pest-free home. We promise to kick out the trespassing pest as early as practicable. Our service charges are lower comparatively in the industry because we believe lowincome families must have a pest control service at an affordable service charge. We offer you the best professional care for low service charges. We guarantee to control the pest or your money back!

Apartment Complexes, Condos and Rental Properties

We provide a pest control service for a large number of satisfied customers on a monthly basis. We ensure that our property managers are satisfied and happy by quickly sending a professional staff to access and control the pest. We also provide a free handy guide and other educational materials to all our property managers as well as the superintendents as a quick guide to identify the pest even before we arrive at the property.
Superior Pest Control Pros Inc. employs strategic approach at a cost effective and affordable service price to control pest. Control may be a one time treatment, in-suit regular service, block treatment, total building treatment, wildlife proofing, odor control or regular monthly service which includes the common areas of the property.

All -Year-Round Protection Guaranteed

Our Company provides our clients with adjusted programs. We provide a series of visits geared towards a total elimination of the offending pest depending on your pest management needs. Separate spring and summer treatment are organized to eliminate pest infestation. Bait stations and other products are placed to control rodents infestation. Other alternative methods of control are also available based on integrated pest management (IPM) and the use of organic products. We proof to our customers that we are the leaders in eco-green pest control.

The Home Protection Plans
  • We use the safest available and environmentally responsible methods.
  • All service providers from our company are fully licensed and undergoes year round training in the latest state-of-the-art-technologies in the control of pest.
  • We promise or guarantee to completely control every pest we are contracted to treat or money back. We also guarantee your complete protection for the under listed pests and many more.
  • Our service cover the following pests: Wild life, Rodents, mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, bats, Cockroaches, Bed bugs, Pavement ants, Fleas, Spider, Carpenter, Bees, Fruit flies, Carpet beetles, Millipedes, Centipedes, Stored Product Pests, Silverfish, Clothes Moths, Wasp, Sow bugs, Pill bugs and Earwigs and many more.

Superior Extra Care Plan                                                               

Any re-infestation observed by our clients – we are on our way when you call us. We offer 24 hour, 365 days per year protection against pest for our dear customers. Under this plan we will not charge you extra money within the guaranteed period. We have emergency service for those who need it. Just call the company telephone number and we will send a professional immediately!

Superior Customized Plan

After our detailed survey for the level of pest infestation we can customize your unique pest needs and offer services that reduce cost to meet your budget. You will be happy you chose us as your pest service providers.
Obtain a free estimate for your pest problem today!
Please call SPCP for pest control and wild life removal, we will be happy to send an exterminator to help you!


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