Commercial and Industrial Services
Superior Pest Control Pros Inc. (SPCP) provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective, environmentally safe pest control service in the industry. Our company can provide custom services to suit your company’s unique needs after thorough inspection of your facility for level of pest infestation in order to provide your facility with an excellent pest control and extermination services.
Our pest control activities will not affect the employees of your company. We have high quality standard of professionalism in the discharge of our duties to ensure safety for both your employees and customer while at the same time ensuring an eco-green pest control.
SPCP has a status as a high quality pest service provider in the industry. Our dedicated Exterminators and Technicians undergo a continuous training and education to ensure you get the most cost-effective and professional service in the industry. Our Quality Assurance team offers your company tailored to fit audited programs. Our main goal is to ensure that our client/customers have a pest free business facility.

Our company provides you with highly qualified staff, both pest control Exterminators and environmentally oriented experts that your company can consult apart from the regular pest control Technicians on the field. We discharge our duty in an ethical and professional manner to protects your company’s image and clients. Please call for more details.    

Superior Care Plan

We understand how companies feel when it comes to pest control issues that could result in potential problems to your business. Our superior care programs offer you peace of mind by providing you with a team of professional experts in the field of pest control to examine your facility's exact need and provide the precise plan of action to eradicate the nuisance pest or capture and relocate the wild life animals (pests) in a humane manner at a Ministry of Environment approved location. Please call for details regarding this plan.

Superior Electronic Site Supervision

This program enable clients lower cost since it enable precise recording systems, to know which wild life trap captured an animal. Example is the relaying of information of wild life traps that have caught trespassing wild animal like squirrels and raccoons. Call for details.

Eco-Superior Green Services

This service provides the latest state-of-the-art in pest control in which our company uses complete green alternatives in the control of pest. We have zero tolerance for environmental pollution by going green in these eco-superior initiatives. Public demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible practices also motivated us to develop this service to enhance our company’s image as a leader in green initiatives. We use a combination of integrated pest management as part of the green initiative.

 Eco-Superior Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
A pro-active preventative initiative used based on the idea of limiting chemical pesticide control and instead use other non-chemical alternatives thereby using chemicals only as a last resort under the IPM approach. Under this program we use a combination of strategies such as proper sanitation, structural alternatives to eliminate breeding sites and appropriate mechanical options to minimize pesticide use.
We use strategies geared towards prevention and control to stop the occurrence of pest and hence no need for pesticides. Our strategies include but not limited to the following.

  1. Send Exterminators to determine the exact pest(s).
  2. Evaluate the extent of problem.
  3. Use a combination of exclusion devices.
  4. Provide advice on the exact sanitation to adopt to prevent pest.
  5. Employ the use of bio-organic alternatives especially for chemically sensitive clients.
  6. Put in place monitoring programs geared towards complete and precise pest control.
  7. Use pesticide product only as a very last resort.

Superior Bird Control Service

Despite the fact that birds are some of natures most wonderful creatures, bird droppings are also responsible for bacterial, viral, fungus and parasitic agents that transmit various types of diseases to man and pets. Our company controls pigeons, seagulls and various types of birds.

Odour Control Care

Superior Pest Control Pros Inc. also controls bad or foul odor in washrooms. We completely eliminate it! Our odour neutralizing products are safe and cost-effective and can be customized for your needs.  

Washroom Care Services

We have a full range of products to choose from and can also be installed and serviced.


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